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At the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, we make every effort to infuse Vitality throughout our guests’ journey. Our Swiss hospitality and Alpine approach to well-being warrants our commitment of providing guests an experience that enhances the mind, body and soul. Know more about how we elevate our Live It Well philosophy right in the heart of Osaka.


Vitality in Movement

Checked-in guests and members enjoy an entire floor dedicated to health and wellness at the pürovel spa & sport. Located on the 11th floor of the hotel, 1,640 square metres of dedicated space to boost well-being includes a fitness centre, spa, indoor swimming pool and Jacuzzi, Japanese sauna and bath. Know more about pürovel spa & sport here.


Vitality in Cuisine

Eat, drink and be happy. Our hotel offers a variety of Vitality selections that satisfy both our guests’ taste buds and nutritional requirements. From our six restaurant outlets and café, to our in-room dining menu, look for the Vitality logo for healthy and light choices. Lactose-free, gluten-free and nut-free dishes are also available to cater to specific dietary requirements. Know more about our dining outlets here.

As part of Accor’s Sustainability commitment, the hotel also uses free-range eggs in a number of our restaurants, in support of animal-friendly methods of raising livestock. The heirloom eggs, supplied from the eco-rich area of the Bicchu region in Okayama Prefecture, come from young hens with outdoor range access – producing happier chickens and healthier, more nutrition-packed eggs. The farm only collects and packages eggs laid in nest boxes.



Caring for the planet and the people around us is in our Swiss roots, and our guests can experience our passion for sustainability throughout their stay with us. The Swissôtel Nankai Osaka continuously finds ways to promote sustainability – from the communities we support to the materials we use at the hotel.


Environmental Responsibility

We are invested in today and our future, and at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka we believe that even the smallest efforts make a huge impact for the environment. Head to Table36 at the hotel’s topmost floor for a glimpse of The Sky Farm, a vertical garden where we grow our herbs, vegetables and edible flowers. Know more about The Sky Farm here.

The hotel is also committed to reduce single-use plastic, and have replaced our amenity bottles with convenient dispensers. We have converted most of our room amenities to recyclable materials, from pens to laundry bags, personal products and more.

We monitor our waste closely and find ways to repurpose items when possible. Our kitchens use the WINNOW programme, a commercial food waste solution, to run sustainable kitchens by pinpointing problem areas and further reduce food waste.

Every stay with us provides guests the opportunity to be part of the sustainability movement. Guests are encouraged to participate in various programmes to reduce environmental impact, from reusing towels in support of agroforestry projects, to opting out of room cleaning to donate to SOS Children’s Villages or earn F&B credits.

As part of Accor, our hotel supports our group’s sustainability commitment in providing a positive hospitality experience. Learn more about our sustainability programme here.



At the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, we believe that our people is the key foundation of our renowned Swiss service and hospitality. Living It Well extends beyond our guests – it also involves creating a dynamic and fun working environment for our team members, which in turn reflects on the level of service we deliver.

Know more about how we put an accent on our people or discover our latest job openings here.


Community and Partners

We at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka integrate sustainability into everything we do, and this extends to our partners. Together, we aim to generate a positive impact on the planet and the community around us.


SOS Children’s Villages

For over 20 years, Swissôtel is a partner of the SOS Children’s Villages in providing support to countless children around the world. Quality of life means the world to us, and this includes looking for ways on how we can contribute and extend help outside our hotel doors.

Donate while sleeping with A Worthwhile Stay. Book this special offer and the hotel donates ¥1,400 to SOS Children’s Villages. Opt out of room cleaning during the stay, and the hotel donates ¥1,000, to benefit the children’s organisation.

Help us make a difference by supporting our programmes. Find out more here.


Kamigata Craft Beer

The Kamigata Brewery, located in Higashiyodogawa, Osaka, supplies Swissôtel Nankai Osaka’s IPA original craft beer. Their upcycling approach to their beer brewing business sparked a partnership with the hotel, in line with our commitment to support enterprises with common sustainability goals. The brewery operates in a creatively repurposed old bathhouse in the city, and continuously finds ways to eliminate waste through the recycling of beer production by-products.


Senshu Agri Farm

Vitality offerings at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka start from our partners that supply the freshest of ingredients. Our Culinary Team works with partners to include the Senshu Agri Farm, to bring their organic produce to our kitchens, and right to one’s plate. The hotel works hand in hand with farmers and conducts regular visits to incorporate seasonal vegetables to our restaurant menus.


Kitashoji Sake Brewery

In line with our commitment to support businesses within the community, the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka partnered with Kitashoji Sake Brewery to produce the hotel’s branded sake. Located in Izumisano, Osaka, the brewery has developed pure Osaka Junmai Ginjō-shu made using premium Yamada Nishiki, a high-quality short grain rice grown in the countryside of Japanese Heritage Site “Hinenosho”.



Our partnership with Dilmah, the first ethically produced tea, is founded on our belief in supporting businesses actively engaged in sustainability and community service. Their dedication in producing premium tea in sustainable packaging, along with their philosophy in seeing business as a matter of human service, is a shared passion we advocate at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka.

Known to be the best Ceylon tea brand, and recognized by Japan with their Organic Certification to Japanese Agricultural Standard of Organic Agricultural Products (JAS), the Dilmah family has been committed in working with vulnerable communities, along with safeguarding human wellbeing and the environment, with the MJF Foundation and Dilmah Conservation.

Find out more about Dilmah here.



Sustainability extends to the products that we use – collaborating with Telmont to provide champagnes for the hotel.

Founded in 1912 in the name of Mother Nature, the House of Telmont is committed to protect the environment for future generations while respecting and loving nature. Their powerful vision includes producing 100% organic champagne, ensuring a completely sustainable production lifecycle in the coming years, and sourcing 100% of its required electricity from renewable sources. A first in champagne, Telmont has also ceased the use and production of all gift boxes to minimise carbon footprint. The company only uses green bottles for their champagnes, which are 100% recyclable and made from 85% recycled glass.

Telmont has further set itself an unprecedented objective to be Climate Positive in 2030 and Net Positive by 2050.

Find out more about Champagne Telmont here.



Given our Swiss roots, quality and craftsmanship are at the core of our brand. We take pride in our heritage by breathing new life into traditions and infuse them throughout the guest’s journey with us – from the moment they walk in our hotel until the moment they leave. Discover elements of traditional Swiss design and craftsmanship with every visit at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka.


Our Design Philosophy

A blend of Swiss Alpine elements and local contemporary touches characterise the design of the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka. Gingko leaves grace our rooms and public areas, paying homage to the gingko trees that line the Midosuji Avenue. Line art serve as focal walls inside some of our rooms and suites, replicating the city views one gets a glimpse of from the windows. Dedicated areas to reconnect and recharge are available in the hotel, from the exclusive Swiss Executive Lounge, to the pürovel spa & sport – an entire floor for health and wellness. Inviting and multifunctional spaces for meetings and celebrations, dining, fitness and rest create an ideal environment to connect, recharge and be creative.


Swissôtel Circles

The Swissôtel Circles are our revered brand icon. These are a modern-day interpretation of the late 17th century Swiss cutout silhouettes that adorned walls and windows throughout Switzerland, traditionally portraying famous people, places and scenery. Together with our Destination Circles representing each of our hotel locations, the brand circles exhibit Swiss traditions while featuring our hotel locations in a timeless and contemporary way.

Take a moment to admire our Swissôtel Circles at the hotel’s sixth floor lobby.


Our Doorman

Stepping inside the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, our doormen and bellmen are the first people to welcome our guests to their Home Swiss Home. Our iconic doorman uniform gives an impression of how we incorporate our renowned Swiss traditions in a freshly contemporary way. Taking inspiration from the traditional Sunday dress of Appenzell, Switzerland, our iconic doorman uniform was created exclusively for Swissôtel by Ida Gut, one of Switzerland’s best-known fashion designers. Sebastian Fässler, a renowned Appenzell-based silversmith, further elevates the design with signature shoe buckles and uniform details that combine modern flair with traditional techniques passed down from his father.


Pürovel Products

Wellness is an integral part of the Swiss lifestyle. At the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, we infuse it in various ways – from the design and materials we use, to the Alpine-inspired offers crafted for our guests.

Inspired by the Alpine seasons, our signature pürovel concept involves a sensory journey for all the five senses, celebrating our heritage all while enhancing guest vitality and wellbeing. The name pürovel translates to a gently flowing mountain stream in the Swiss-born language Romansh. As the name suggests, the pürovel philosophy mirrors the four stages of natural vitality: renewal (spring), peak activity (summer), recovery (fall) and hibernation (winter).

Immerse in Alpine vitality at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka – from our in-room body care products, our spa treatments and fitness activities, to nutritional cuisine in any of our six restaurants and café.


Life is a journey. LIVE IT WELL at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka.


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