Swissôtel Nankai Osaka - Luxury hotel - 10F 「NAMBAR10」RETRO BAR


N marks the spot.

The NAMBAR10 is a uniquely designed social venue with an assembly of knick-knacks, inspired by nearby Den Den Town, Dotonbori and Amerikamura. Flanked by vintage arcade machines, foosball, billiards and more – step away from reality and have a roaring good time.

A playground for the young at heart. A take on nostalgia.

A mish mash of eccentricities – reflective of the dynamic, vibrant and quirky city of Osaka.



Operating Hours:
Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday
16:00 – 22:00 (Last Order: 21:30)

Friday and Saturday
16:00 – 22:30 (Last Order: 22:00)

Closed on every Monday and Tuesday


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Choose Your Poison

From local and international beers, classic cocktails or drinks, to Nambar10’s signature margarita slushies, let NAMBAR10 be your spot in the city as you sit back and be comfortable – without pretensions. Throw those peanut shells on the floor, detach from the usual and shake off the formality!



The Seafood Social

Known for his authentic Cantonese dishes at the Empress Room, Chef Leow Leong Hock takes over the Nambar10 kitchen, showcasing his expertise on seafood dishes. Seasonal crabs and shrimps take centerstage bursting with Asian and Western flavours, along with signature bar grub favourites – best shared in the company of family or friends. Watch out for seasonal menus based on the latest trends or from ideas that simply sprout.

Gather around, get messy with your hands and have a CRABulous time!


The Terrace

Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city with an outdoor venue that hosts various activities at the turn of each season – with enough space to get comfortable and socialise. The terrace serves as an extension for those who opt to go al fresco.

Smoking allowed – exclusively for patrons of NAMBAR10.


The N10 (Coming Soon)

Housed inside NAMBAR10, revel in Namba’s best kept secret – an exclusive spot dedicated for private socials and celebrations. Fitted with a karaoke machine and a dancing pole, take events and gatherings to the next level or make a surprisingly unusual impression with business associates.


Tucked at the end of the bar is a mural inspired by the vibrant and bustling energy of the city and the unique mash-up of old and new Japan. The artwork captures the unpretentious beauty and warmth of Osaka City by bringing the history to the present.



by Mika Revell

In the dimly lit, smoke-filled bar of 1950s Osaka, the clinking of glasses and the faint hum of conversation weave a melancholic tapestry of human resilience. As the haze settles, I find solace in the enchanting beauty of the woman behind the bar, a beacon of grace in a tumultuous world. Her crimson lips curve into a gentle smile as she serves a cold cola, lighting a cigarette with a subtle allure that transcends the chaos outside. The familiar hiss of the beer tap and the warmth of the amber liquid offer a fleeting escape, a reminder of simpler times, as I ponder the delicate balance between the mechanical menace and the fragile beauty of human connection in this smoke-draped sanctuary.

Chef Leow Leong Hock

Known for his authentic Cantonese dishes at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka’s Empress Room Chinese Restaurant, Chef Leow Leong Hock takes over the NAMBAR10 kitchen, showcasing his expertise on seafood dishes. Chef Leow is an award-winning chef with years of experience in Singapore, winning “The Best Seafood Dish” in the Singapore Gourmet Hunt 2002. His menu at NAMBAR10 features seasonal crabs and shrimps served by the bucket, bursting with Asian and Western flavours, along with classic bar grub.

Chef Leow Leong Hock


Opening Hours: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday | 16:00 - 22:00
Friday and Saturday | 16:00 - 22:30

Address: 5-1-60 Namba, Chuo-ku, Osaka 542-0076
Phone: +81 6 6646 5129
Fax: 06-6648-0331 | +81 6 6648 0331
Email: google_map
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