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Restaurants and Bars

From sushi and tempura in a traditional ryokan setting to light and airy macarons handmade by a French pâtissier, our six unique restaurants offer a tantalizing array of choices.
  • tavola36



    Our signature restaurant features spectacular panoramic views of the Osaka skyline from the 36th floor, along with a scrumptious international menu. From a peaceful breakfast or business lunch...

  • minami



    The Japanese art of teppanyaki, or cooking on an iron griddle, guarantees a dining experience that dazzles the eyes as well as the taste buds at Minami. From exceptional cuts of sirloin and...

  • hana-goyomi



    From the wooden doors to the welcoming kimono-donned staff, Hana-Goyomi is designed to resemble a ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn. Step back in time and enjoy an unparalleled Kaiseki, or...

  • empress-room

    Empress Room


    With an elegant red-and-gold theme befitting of its name, Empress Room offers guests the chance to dine like Chinese royalty. The rotating seasonal menu features a variety of favourite...

  • shun



    Tapas-style dishes and a unique à la carte menu are complemented by an extensive international wine selection at this award-winning restaurant. Located in the lobby level, SH’UN is an ideal...

  • the-lounge

    The Lounge

    Bar / Lounge

    After a day of shopping in Namba’s many outlets, afternoon tea in The Lounge is the perfect place to unwind over a hot beverage and sweet treat.

  • swiss-gourmet

    Swiss Gourmet


    Located at the lobby level of Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, Swiss Gourmet offers freshly brewed coffee along with homemade breads, cakes, sweets and savouries baked fresh daily.


Special Offers

  • poon-choi-chinese-bowl

    Poon Choi Chinese Bowl

    Start the New Year with the must-have Cantonese Poon Choi, signifying auspicious meanings of unity and prosperity. Served during traditional holidays and celebrations, share a...

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  • minami-omi-beef-and-cherry-salmon-dinner

    Minami Ōmi Beef and Cherry Salmon...

    Sample Ōmi, one of the well-known wagyū along with Kobe beef and Matsusaka beef for a limited time at Minami Teppanyaki restaurant. Originating from Shiga Prefecture, let...

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  • the-lounge-lunch-set

    The Lounge Lunch Set

    Escape commitments, enjoy fine food and connect with those who mean the most to you. Take a pause and treat yourself to The Lounge lunch set as you catch up with family and...

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  • empress-room-taste-of-spring

    Empress Room Taste of Spring

    Have a taste of the season with a special spring menu curated by Empress Room's Chef Leow Leong Hock which includes: Empress Room Treasures Platter Braised Deluxe...

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  • hana-goyomi-spring-lunch-box

    Hana-Goyomi Spring Lunch Box

    Unbox the flavours and essences of spring with the Hana-Goyomi Spring Lunch Box, featuring seasonal ingredients highlighted by Chef Hiroyuki Hanada. Appetizers Sakura Tofu,...

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  • swiss-gourmet-sakura-picnic-hamper

    Swiss Gourmet Sakura Picnic Hamper

    Make the best moments and spend quality time with family or friends. Enjoy a stress-free Spring party with Swiss Gourmet’s Sakura Picnic Hamper, which includes: Salmon...

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  • minami-live-abalone-promotion

    Minami Live Abalone Promotion

    Treat yourself to an indulgent lunch or dinner at Minami with this season's seafood offer. For the month of March and April, let our team of teppanyaki masters prepare the...

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  • seasonal-japanese-edible-wild-plants-course

    Seasonal Japanese Edible Wild...

    Discover a unique way of enjoying the local favourite kushiage with this spring's Japanese Edible Wild Plants Course, a unique and delectable creation by Chef Ishihara of SH'UN...

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  • the-lounge-afternoon-tea-delight

    The Lounge Afternoon Tea Delight

    Enjoy a one-of-a-kind fun and colourful Afternoon Tea Delight at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, with a commemorative afternoon tea for the March 20 movie release of Harley...

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  • sakura-sea-bream-promotion

    Sakura Sea Bream Promotion

    Sashimi Salad with Home Made Fresh Apple Dressing - ¥ 12,000 (Reservations are required up to the day before visiting) Crispy Fried with Sweet and Sour Sauce Topping -...

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  • tapas-and-kushiage-course

    Tapas and Kushiage Course

    Menu 4 Kinds of Tapas (Jamón Serrano and Salad, Pintxo or Ajillo, Porcini Mushroom Arancini and Chef's Appetizer) Seasonal Vegetable Sticks SH'UN Original Mini...

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  • peking-duck-promotion

    Peking Duck Promotion

    "Peking Duck" is a famous dish from Beijing tracing back to the imperial era in the Ming Dynasty. Experience one of China’s culinary treasures and sample the perfectly crisp...

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  • early-summer-bento-box

    Early Summer Bento Box

    Menu Appetizer Clear Soup A Selection of Sashimi Bento Box Rice Cooked with Young Sardine and Sansho Pepper or Steamed Rice, Japanese Pickles Dessert...

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  • japanese-western-kaiseki

    Japanese-Western Kaiseki

    Menu Appetizer Clear Soup Seafood Salad (Sea Bream, Amami Tuna, Squid Cooked in Sake, Seared Scallop) Broiled Dish Broiled Alfonsino with Leaf Bud Main Dish...

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  • dim-sum-feast-order-style-buffet

    Dim Sum Feast - Order Style Buffet

    Feast to your heart's content with more than 70 kinds of savoury and sweet dim sum prepared by our first-class dim sum master. Menu Smoked Duck Wagyu Beef Dumpling...

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  • branded-wagyu-promotion-wagyu-beef-tasting-dinner-set

    Branded Wagyu Promotion "Wagyu Beef...

    Sample the “art of meat” with Minami’s Wagyu Beef tasting set, featuring Japan’s well-loved delicacy. Indulge in melt in your mouth Kobe Beef, Matsusaka Beef and Omi...

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  • californian-wine-fair

    Californian Wine Fair

    [White Wine ] INTO, Pinot Grigio Glass ¥ 1,300 /Bottle ¥ 6,500 Francis Coppola, Diamond Collection Chardonnay Monterey County Glass ¥ 1,900 /Bottle ¥ 9,500  ...

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  • seasonal-cakes

    Seasonal Cakes

    [April] Amaou Strawberry Tart - ¥ 680 Luxurious tart featuring seasonal Amaou strawberries.   [May] Apricot Passion - ¥ 525 Seasonal apricots complemented by...

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  • seasonal-special-golden-week

    Seasonal Special - Golden Week

    [Hana Goyomi] G.W. Family Plan (2020. 4/29~5/6) For one ¥ 10,000 Reservations are required. Appetizer Steamed Dish: Egg Custard Sashimi Platter: Sea...

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  • seasonal-special-mothers-day

    Seasonal Special - Mother's Day

    [Hana Goyomi] Mother's Day Kaiseki (2020. 5/8~5/10) For one ¥ 13,000 [Includes Free Kuromon Cosmetic Gift Sample] Steamed Dish: Soft-Shelled Turtle Egg...

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  • seasonal-special-fathers-day

    Seasonal Special - Father's Day

    [Minami] Father's Day Dinner (2020. 6/19~6/21) For one ¥ 16,000 Akashi Octopus and Prime Wagyu Beef ・Fathers enjoy a glass of beer or Japanese Whisky "CHITA"...

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