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From the wooden doors to the welcoming kimono-donned staff, Hana-Goyomi is designed to resemble a ryokan, or traditional Japanese inn. Step back in time and enjoy an unparalleled Kaiseki, or multi-course dining experience.

Sushi, sashimi and tempura are the highlights of the menu, all with a focus on artistic presentation and delicate seasonings. Our master chefs choose local, seasonal ingredients, and find inspiration in the seasons as they craft the subtle flavours in each dish. Four Japanese-style private rooms are available for special events.

The chef

Hiroyuki Hanada has been Head Chef at Hana-Goyomi for the last four years.


Hiroyuki Hanada takes his inspiration for his menu from the seasons, as well as from the past experiences and ideas of his staff. His favourite ingredients are fresh fish and vegetables, and he favours sashimi and peeled vegetables for the best presentation.

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Address: 5-1-60 Namba Chuo-ku Osaka 542-0076 Japan,

Phone: +81 6 6646 1111
Fax: +81 6 6648 0331
Email: google_map
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