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Towel Art

Discover ways to keep the little ones busy! Enjoy a bonding activity by decorating their bed with towel art! Here’s a step by step guide on how to create a towel dog!

You will need: 1 large and 1 medium sized towel


Step 1: Roll the large towel from both side and meet in the middle.







Step 2: After rolling both sides, turns the towel around.







Step 3: Fold the rolled towels in half.







Step 4: after folding the rolled towels, find the core of the four ends and pull it out.







Step 5: Pull the four corners and spread it open. The dog’s body is finished!







Step 6: For the dog’s head, Fold the medium sized towel into half.







Step 7: Find the middle part of the folded towel.







Step 8: Fold both sides of the half-folded towel and let it meet in the middle.







Step 9: Fold the tip of the towel inwards.







Step 10: Roll both sides of the towels and let it meet in the middle.







Step 11: Turn the rolled towel and let it stand. Pull the long part of the towel downwards to replicate the ears. The dog head is now complete!







Step 12: To assemble, place the head part on top of the body and attach paper eyes!







There we have it, our towel dog!







Stay In and Stay Happy!


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