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Day Trip Ideas

Situated right in the heart of Namba, staying at the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka affords our guests to enjoy easy access to various spots not just within but around Osaka. Located on top of Nankai Railway’s Namba station and with subway lines, bus stops and the Osaka City Air Terminal (OCAT) just a few steps away, experience what Japan has to offer with Osaka as your base.


A UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Wakayama Prefecture, south of Osaka, the temple town considered the center of Shingon Buddhism is regarded as a sacred site. Have a glimpse of a monk’s lifestyle, trying their shojin ryori cuisine and attending their morning prayers, or walk along 200,000 tombstones and commemorative monuments at Okuno-in, the holiest location on the mountain.

Minami Mow Tip: Discover Monastery Vegetarian Cuisine at Koyasan! This type of cuisine makes use of wheat gluten and tofu to substitute meat, complemented by seasonal wild plants found in the surroundings. Enjoy a glimpse of the skill, culture and history of the denizens in Koyasan. Take the Nankai Railway to visit this holy site – find out more here. Discover the pilgrimage routes here.

By train: 1 hour 50 minutes
By taxi: 2 hours

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There’s more to Nara Park than just feeding the deers! Enter the Todaiji Temple to view the 15-metre Buddha, head to Kohfukuji National Treasure Hall to see the collection of Buddhist carvings, or walk to Isuien to enjoy a traditional Japanese garden setting and get away from the crowds. Discover more about Nara here.

Minami Mow Tip: Visit the Kasugataisha Shrine in winter and summer to witness the shrine buildings decked with lanterns. Want to know more about Nara’s temples and UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Click here.

By train: 43 minutes
By taxi: 45 minutes

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Matcha lover? Visit the birthplace of this world-renowned tea and make your way to the famous Byodo-in Temple, the iconic Buddhist structure found in the Japanese 10 yen coin. Walk around to appreciate the seasonal beauty of local blooms, including the Byodoin Lotus grown from a seed originating from the temple grounds, or take a sip of Uji tea paired with local sweets from the tea salon.

Minami Mow Tip: Visit the Kasugataisha Shrine in winter and summer to witness the shrine buildings decked with lanterns.

By train: 1 hour 16 minutes
By taxi: 54 minutes

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Enjoy a beautiful walk around Kyoto’s natural bamboo forest. After strolling on foot, relieve your tired muscles by riding the Sagano Romantic Train, a 25-minute ride featuring scenic beauty of cherry blossoms in spring or yellowish orange foliage in autumn.

By train: 1 hour 20 minutes
By taxi: 1hour 45 minutes

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Soothe your tired muscles in the hot spring town located in the northern part of Hyogo Prefecture. A favourite among the locals with Gold and Silver hot spring options, its ease of access makes it an ideal day trip option for tourists.

Minami Mow Tip: Tabearuki – walking around while eating a snack is common here! So don’t leave town without trying out the Tansan Senbei (carbonated water rice crackers), Yoito Manju (steamed buns), Soy Milk Donuts and Croquettes. Pair these with Arima Beer or Arima Cider Teppo Water, which was said to be the first cider made in Japan! Discover more about the destination here.

By train: 1 hour 20 minutes
By taxi: 45 minutes

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