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Hanagiri | Hakucho | Toki | Kujaku

Perfect for mid-sized social gatherings, meetings and buffet style wedding receptions, these function spaces are located on the 7th and 8th floor of the hotel.

Hanagiri on the 7th floor that features natural sunlight and a large foyer for registration, tabletop exhibits, cocktails and/or a bar is perfect for meetings and mid-sized social gatherings.

Hanagiri Function Room Foyer

Hanagiri Function Room U-Shaped Setup

195m² with height of 3.4 m

Wedding: 80, Dinner: 80, Buffet: 120, Classroom: 100, Theatre: 180

Hakucho, Toki and Kujaku function rooms are ideal for events from 50 up to 160 persons. Located on the 8th floor of the hotel, these spaces have an area from 180 to 194m².

Hakucho Function Room Theatre Setup

Toki Function Room Round Dinner Setup

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TheaterMeeting roomClassroomBanquet hallCocktailCabaret Height Surface
Meeting room name TheaterMeeting roomClassroomBanquet hallCocktailCabaret Height Surface
Hanagiri 180501008012080 3.4 m
11.1 ft
195 m²
2099 sq. ft.
Hakucho 160551208012080 17.4 m
57.11 ft
194 m²
2088.2 sq. ft.
Toki 140501007010070 3.3 m
10.8 ft
181 m²
1948.3 sq. ft.
Kujaku 160551208012080 3.4 m
11.1 ft
194 m²
2088.2 sq. ft.

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