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Hana-Goyomi - Nankai Railway Irodori Zen

Go on a gastronomic adventure with Chef Hiroyuki Hanada as he takes you around destinations along the Nankai Electric Railway network, with a special menu highlighting the region’s seasonal produce.


【Nankai Railway Irodori Zen】
Event Schedule: July 1, 2023 – August 31, 2023 *Lunch time only
Price: ¥5,000 per adult


Corn Tofu, Senshu Okra, Goji Berry, Dashi Jelly

Today’s Seasonal Sashimi Selection
Hakotsukuri Harbor-Caught Octopus, Sea Bream

Broiled Dish
Senshu Sea Perch Teriyaki, Egg Omelet, Vinegared Vegetable, Marinated Sennan Vegetable, Bonito Flakes
Tempura: Senshu Vegetable, Prawn with Senshu Kujiraya Mineral Salt

Hot Dish
Seasonal Dumpling, Wheat Gluten, Rice Crackers, Grated Ginger, Starchy Sauce

Rice Dish
Your Choice of Wakayama Whitebait Rice or Steamed Rice

Miso Soup
Tofu, Wheat Gluten, Mitsuba

Japanese Pickles
Radish, Akimurasaki from Kuromon Market’s Iseya Shoten


End your journey with a premium upgrade from Tsuboichi Tea in Sakai, for an additional JPY600. 
Green Tea and Kinako Warabi-Mochi, Brown Sugar Jelly
Served with Tsuboichi Green Tea


<Special Offer>

Dine with your little ones and enjoy Tampopo Kids Menu at half the price!

Amuse | Mini Egg Custard | Assorted Tempura | Beef Dice Steak | Rice | Miso Soup | Japanese Pickles | Vanilla Ice Cream


Pair your kaiseki meal with our exclusive Swissôtel Nankai Osaka Sake, or our selection of alcoholic beverages from Kansai region.

Kishiwada Beer

Kurogane | Shirogane | Tekko
¥1,200 each


Swissotel Osaka Exclusive Sake

180ml ¥2,500
720ml ¥9,500



Don’t forget to take a fun family photo at our Nankai Electric Railway photo wall, or say hello to our Hana-Goyomi train conductor! Plan your Nankai Electric Railway culinary adventure today, click here to book your tables!


<Kiddie Gacha Gacha raffle to win Nankai Railway merchandise>

Children in your group who order the “Nankai Railway Irodori Zen” can participate to the Kiddie Gacha Gacha raffle and win Nankai merchandaise.


<Raffle for Hotel Dining Certificate>
As a special treat, guests availing the Nankai Railway Irodori Zen get a chance to win prizes in the raffle!

  • 1 Pizza + 2 drinks at Bar36 (worth JPY 5,000)
  • Dinner at Table36 for 2
  • Lunch at Table36 for 2
  • 2 cocktails at Bar36
  • Dinner at Hana-Goyomi for 2
  • Afternoon Tea Set at The Lounge for 2
  • 1 Whole Cake at Swiss Gourmet



For reservations and any inquires, call +81 6 6646 5127 or or visit our reservation page from the “Reserve Now” button.


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