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Kumamoto Fair

From 01/02/2022 until 27/03/2022

Travel through food as the Swissôtel Nankai Osaka, in partnership with the Kumamoto Prefecture, bring you the Kumamoto Fair!


Enjoy the bounties of Kumamoto Prefecture as our chefs from participating outlets prepare dishes using produce from the island of Kyushu. Take your pick from these offers from our restaurants, available from 1 February 2022!

Umakamon Kumamoto Fair Brunch

Menu Highlights include:

  • “Taipien” Kumamoto Local Noodle Station (Live Station)-Vermicelli,Wood Ear, Shrimp, Squid, Clams and Boiled Egg
  • “Kumamoto” Aiko Mini Tomato, Red Wine Sauce and Grain Mustard
  • Roasted “Kumamoto SAIBI” Beef Sandwich – Mizuna Leaf, Fresh Tomato and Sesame Sauce
  • Vegetable Marine with Oregano – “Kumamoto” Eggplant, Carrot, “Kuriyutaka” Pumpkin with Red Onion and Asparagus
  • Caprese Salad with Basil and Balsamic – “Kumamoto Shio” Tomato & Italian Mozzarella Cheese
  • “Kanzuke” Radish Salad – Kumamoto Cucumber, Ginger and Fresh Radish
  • Roasted “Kumamoto Rindou” Pork Tonnato – Capers, Red Onion, Tuna sauce and Seasonal Watercress
  • “Tako Rice” Meets Italian Cuisine – Octopus, “Kumamoto” Aosa Seaweed Risotto with Grana Padano
  • “Kumamoto Shiba” Shrimp and Squid Rings Ahijo – Champignon, Garlic, Chili with Sunflower Oil & Olive Oil
  • “Kumamoto Rindo” Pork Belly Cassoulet – Pork Sausage, Cannellini Beans, Grilled Onion and Tomato
  • Ratatoille with Garlic, Tomato and Thyme – “Kumamoto” Eggplant, AIKO Tomato, Green Beans and Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • Gibier Cutlet with Pizzaiola and Lemon – Venison or Bore Meat, Herb Bread Crumbs and Crispy Potato
  • Deep Fried “Kumamoto” Silver-Stripe Round Herring – Garlic Aioli, Spring Onion and Brussels Sprouts
  • Fish Soup with White Wine and Tomato – “Kumamoto” Mahi-Mahi, Olives, Green Peas, Broccoli and Herb Oil
  • “Kumamoto Dekopon Orange” & Caramel Chocolate Tart
  • “Kumamoto Koinozomi Strawberry” Jelly and Vanilla Pannacotta


This offer is available from 5 February to 27 March
From 11:30~15:00(Last Entry at 14:30)
Adult ¥6,000|Child (4-12 years old) ¥3,000
with Coffee, Tea and Juice


Premium Kumamoto Black Wagyu “WAOH” & Gibier Dinner

Menu Includes:

  • Smoked Boar Loin (Kumamoto) and Root Vegetable Salad
  • Selection of Scorched Vegetables from Kumamoto
    (Eggplant, Pumpkin, Bean Sprout, Bok Choy, Chinese Chive and Carrot and so on)
  • Premium Kumamoto Black Wagyu “WAOH” Tenderloin 80g and Combination Steak of Kelp-Flavored Venison Loin from Kumamoto
  • Rice with Miso-Marinated Premium Kumamoto Black Wagyu “WAOH” in Tea
    Japanese Pickles
  • A Seasonal Fruit Selection

This offer is available on 1 February to 28 February, and is priced from ¥19,000.



Chef Leow Leong Hock prepares these à la carte dishes, available from 1 – 28 February:

  • Sautéed Venison with Homemade XO Sauce | ¥4,000
  • Sautéed Venison with Black Pepper Sauce | ¥4,000
  • Deep Fried Wild Boar Meat, Pumpkin and Egg Plant with Black Vinegar | ¥4,000
  • ‘Tai-Pi-En’ Vermicelli Soup Noodles | ¥2,000



Sample à la carte dishes prepared by Chef Hanada featuring local ingredients from Kumamoto, available from 1 to 28 February

  • Choice Horseflesh Sashimi Lean and Koone Onion Slice, Green Perilla, Grated Ginger, Chive and Garlic Chips | ¥4,800
  • Roasted Premium Kumamoto Black Wagyu “WAOH” Grilled Vegetables from Kumamoto: Pumpkin, Eggplant and Mini Tomato | ¥5,200
  • Boar Hot Pot in Original Miso Broth: Boar Meat, Leak, Deep-Fried Tofu, Mushroom, Chinese Cabbage, Chopped Ginger | ¥4,350
  • Hot Somen Noodles with Sea Bream, Chive, Plum and Grated Ginger | ¥3,000
  • Sake-Steamed Asari Clam or Clear Soup with Fish Broth and Field Mustard | ¥2,600
  • Karashi-Renkon, Lotus Root with Japanese Mustard and Simmered Kumamoto’s Brand Eggplant Fry | ¥1,300



Take a bite of an assortment of skewers featuring ingredients from Kumamoto Prefecture, specially prepared by Chef Otsu:

  • Meat Ball of Boar and Venison from Kumamoto | ¥850
  • Roasted Wagyu Beef from Kumamoto and Kumamoto’s Brand Eggplant with Japanese Sauce | ¥1,100
  • Kuriyutaka Pumpkin Croquet | ¥700
  • Karashi-Renkon, Lotus Root with Japanese Mustard | ¥700
  • Rice with Pickled Nozawana Leaf Mustard, Dashi Stock | ¥1,000

This offer is available on 1 February to 28 February, and is available for both lunch and dinner.



Offer Terms & Conditions
  • All prices in our menus are inclusive of 13% service charge and 10% consumption tax.
  • Other promotions, discounts or benefits may not be applicable.
  • Contents and prices may be revised without prior notice.
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