Swissotel Nankai Osaka - Luxury hotel - Hana-Goyomi Iwai-zen New Year's Breakfast

Hana-Goyomi Iwai-zen New Year's Breakfast

From 01/01/2020 until 01/01/2020

Look forward to the first morning of 2020 in the presence of family or friends as you share your first meal for the year!

Indulge in Hana-Goyomi’s specially prepared Iwai-zen, which includes:

  • Shrimps Cooked in Soy Sauce Dashi, Vegetables Wrapped in Eel, Kuromame Black Beans and Red and White Fish Paste
  • Thick Omelet, Small Dried Sardines, Dried Mullet Roe
  • Crane Dish – Herring Roe
  • Turtle Dish – Kohaku Namasu (Radish, Carrot and Salmon Roe in Vinegar)
  • Sweet White Miso Soup
  • Sea Bream, Taro, Round Rice Cake, Radish and Carrot
  • Yellowtail Broiled in Soy Sauce, Turnip and Kuwai Arrowhead
  • Lotus Root Dumpling, Bamboo Shoots, Canola Blossoms and Carrot with Dashi Jelly
  • Sushi with Sagoshi Spanish Mackerel, Cucumber and Radish with Dashi Jelly
  • Red Bean Porridge and Japanese Pickles

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