Swissôtel Nankai Osaka - Luxury hotel - Hana-Goyomi - Seafood Kaiseki Dinner "Ayame" - May

Hana-Goyomi - Seafood Kaiseki Dinner "Ayame" - May

From 01/05/2022 until 31/05/2022

Special Dinner course prepared by Japanese cuisine Hana-Goyomi including delicious tiger prawn and Japanese conger.

Lunch reservation in advance is also available.


Menu Highlight

Hairy Crab, Cucumber, Vinegared Japanese Ginger and Radish
Egg Yolk Vinegar Sauce and Vinegar Jelly
Water Shield, Grated Yam and Okura with Dashi
・Sashimi Selection
Ginkgo Fish, Amami Bluefin Fatty Tuna and one more kind
・Authentic Tempura
Tiger Prawn from Kyushu and Seasonal Ingredients
Nigiri with Bonito
・Main Dish
Japanese Beef Fillet Steak, Sweet Pepper, Naruto Lotus Root and Watercress, Garlic Chips and Mustard Sauce
・Unique Tempura
Setouchi Hamo Japanese Conger and Asparagus Wrap with Plum
・Rice Dish
Sea Bream from Wakayama, Dashi Stock (Chadzuke)
・Japanese Pickles
Assorted Seasonal Fruit and Mango Pudding


Seafood Dinner “Ayame”

Period: May 1 – May 31, 2022
Price: JPY 18,700 for one


Offer Terms & Conditions

・Ingredients are subject to change without prior notice due to market availability.
・All the pictures are images.
・Prices are inclusive of 13% service charge and 10% consumption tax.
・Other promotions, discounts or benefits may not be applicable (maximum discount 20% for any memberships).

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