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Hana-Goyomi Prime Wagyu and Matsutake Mushroom

From 01/10/2020 until 31/10/2020

Limited Time À la carte Prime Wagyu and Matsutake Mushroom

・Boiled Spinach and Chrysanthemum Flower and Matsutake Mushroom (¥ 1,600)

・Clear Soup in Clay Pot: Matsutake Mushroom, Hamo Japanese Congrer, Wild-Caught Shrimp, Gingko, Mitusba Green and Sudachi Citrus (¥ 2,800)

・Matsutake Mushroom Tempura with Rock Salt and Ponzu (¥ 2,300)

・Grilled Matsutake with Sudachi Citrus and Rock Salt (Offered only when available) (¥ 3,500)

・Roasted Wagyu Aitchbone with Whole-Grain Mustard Sauce (¥ 2,800)

・Wagyu Steak 60g, Mushroom Sauce and Watercress (¥ 3,000)

・Matsutake Wrapped with Wagyu Loin, Japanese Sauce (¥ 2,800)

・Wagyu Loin and Matsutake Sukiyaki Style with Potherbmustard, Kyoto Leek and Egg (¥ 5,000)

・Kamameshi: Matsutake Rice Cooked in Pot (¥ 2,800) (35 min to cook)

Offer Terms & Conditions

・ Price is inclusive of service charge and consumption tax.
・ Other promotions, discounts or benefits are not be applicable.
・ Some seasonal ingredients are subject to change by condition without prior notice.
・ Member’s discount up to 20%.
・ Price subject to change due to market price.

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