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Hana-Goyomi East Meets West Kaiseki

From 01/05/2021 until 31/05/2021

Travel through food as Hana-Goyomi’s Chefs present a Kaiseki inspired by East and West flavours and preparation.

Menu includes:

  • Appetizers: Water Shield, Okra, Sesame Tofu, Cucumber, Salmon Roe with Dashi Jelly, Boiled Spinach Dressed with Sesame with Bonito Flakes
  • Clear Soup with Hamo Japanese Conger
  • A Selection of Sashimi ≪Salad Style≫: Wild-caught shrimp, Sea Bream, Scorched Squid, Frillice Lettuce, Detroit Beetroot, Sprout with Flakes and Ponzu Jelly Dressing
  • Broiled Fish Dish: Sauteed Tilefish from Hagi with Hokkaido Sea Urchin, Spring Potato, Watercress, Beetroot and Green Pea Sauce
  • Main Dish: Wagyu Loin Steak with Japanese Sauce and Whole-grain Mustard, Asparagus, Bell Pepper and Pumpkin with Egg Yolk Vinegar Mayonnaise
  • Hot Dish: Bamboo Shoot, Daikon Radish, Fried and Simmered Spring Burdock, Green Peas with Starcy Sauce
  • Rice Dish: Spring Ginger Rice or Steamed Rice, Miso Soup
  • Dessert: Assorted Seasonal Dessert
Offer Terms & Conditions

・L&S Crazy Wednesday discount is not applicable.
・Prices are inclusive of 13% service charge and 10% consumption tax.
・Other promotions, discounts or benefits may not be applicable.
・Contents and prices may be revised without prior notice.

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